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All of our dogs are Alaskan Huskies.

Alaskan Huskies are a breed of their own. They are NOT Siberian, Malamute, nor Samoyed. They are a mix breed of mostly Nordic breed dogs. They have been bred for  traveling long distances while pulling a dog sled loaded with supplies at the fastest speeds possible by dogs. They are excellent people pleasers and generally with the proper socialization between the ages of 6 and 16 weeks make a excellent family pet that will be more then happy to pull you, your kids or anyone on a bike, scooter, roller blades, ski's, dogsled, wagon, go-cart frame, golf cart, etc.

As far as having health issues, there genetic make up is so diversified that in 14 years I have had to take 1 dog to a vet for a health related problem. I have dogs here that are 13 years old and still running and pulling.

The adult dogs listed below, with the proper supervision, for the first 2 to 6 weeks, will make excellent pets. All of our dogs live outside and have learned to pull. If you buy a harness they can pull you or your children (with supervision) on a bike, wagon, ski's, roller blades, sled, skate board, etc.


Our Puppies

All the puppies that are produced here at Wilderness Trail Outfitters to sell are bred for being working pets. We take the most pleasing, calmest, hardest working females and use Typhoon, Whiteout, and a few others as the studs. All the  bloodlines are filled with long distance racing history, but they are some of the calmest males and females when they are in the house, they are not aggressive, and are huge pleasers and they love children. They are extremely smart and are main leaders for our racing teams and the females are leaders for our trail dog teams. The puppies have proven to be excellent for working pets.

Prices for Puppies range from $100 to $275

Sorry at this time we have no puppies for sale

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Trained working pet pups will be for sale this summer to fall. These pups will be trained to pull and will know the commands left, right, sit, stop, over left, over right, ready, ok. They will pull you on a bike, wagon, cart, dogsled or anything that you put behind them.

The cost for these pups is $1250.00 per pup

Scroll to bottom of page for comments from people who have bought pups and adopted adults from us.


This picture is Typhoon the stud of most of our pups








This picture is Whiteout another stud used for our pups.






We offer  "train your dog to pull classes" and "obedience classes" just ask for when and cost.


Below are the adults for adoption
the adoption fee is $100.00 for most but some dogs are more

Blizzard 7 yr male part of the old dwarf litter

Doc 55 lb male 3 yr old


Glacier 7 yr old male 60 lbs dwarf litter $400.00


Grizzer 50 lb female 7 yr old $300.00

Guns 4 yr old female $400.00

James 55 lb male 3 yr old $300.00

Jammer 4 yr old male 55 lbs $300.00

Luke 9 yr old male 50 lb


All of my dogs are left - right leaders they will switch over to gee - haw easily.

They all will make great family pets.

Comments on our puppies and adopted adults



I wanted to send you another note on how Nadie is doing.  She is slowly blossoming into a fantastic dog!  She listens very well to everything Ryan and I say, and she is becoming less and less shy every day.  Now, she goes up to just about everybody.  She is still startled by sudden movements, but we are seeing major improvements.  She is quickly adjusting to being a house pet and is starting to love being near the two of us all the time.  As I type this, she is laying near our feet sleeping.
Nadie has quickly become the love of our lives.  We spend a lot of time with her every day, we run with her on a regular basis, and we walk her for about 1.5 hours every day. We've been taking her to the dog park a lot too because she loves playing with other dogs. 
We've only had one problem with her thus far, and that is her small prey drive.  While we have her sniffing under control, if she sees a squirrel or a rabbit, she wants to take off after it.  That is the only reason we cannot trust her off leash, because other than that, she listens to everything we say and she follows us just about everywhere.  Once we get this problem fixed, we honestly believe she will be the perfect dog. 
I just wanted to let you know how everything is going with her!  We will keep you updated.
Erica Inendino



May 2, 09

Hey Fred;

Well we adopted one of your loving pups. I had called you when he was about four or five months old. I had told you about how I had to chase him up and down the highway for 20 min. before I caught him. We named him Diezel!

    I just wanted to say how much my daughter and I love this little monster. He's such a great dog. And he listens so well. He watches for me to tell it's alright for him to leave the house, if I don't say he waits there. He's has done a little better with strangers but I like the fact he's the little protector of the house and us. Thank you once again for a wonderful family member. He's brought so much joy to our lives since our other beloved family member died. Here's picture or two of him in the last few months. Thanks again for a wonderful friend. Okay I sent you three pictures! 

Thanks again


Zondra and Becca


Dear Fred,

I was a volunteer handler at the race on saturday and I had the pleasure to see your team of shy dogs which the Minard's ran.
To say I was impressed is an understatement.  I was completely blown away by their ability to ignore distractions that would have set off either of my two shy dogs.  They also followed commands so very well and nearly got themselvs into the starting chutes - which they would have done had they not been interrupted.
I really aspire to become the type of leader who inspired that behavior in my own dogs.
Thank you for the oppertunity to see such wonderful dogs, and for a reminder of the goal to which I aspire.
I'm a second season musher, lifetime dog lover with 10 years experience working with seeing eye dogs.  I'm currently in the Soo.



Hi Jennifer and Fred!
Sorry its been so long since I've picked Timber up and haven't written!
I've thought about doing it every day!!

He's such a fuzzy little baby!!  Loves everyone and everyone loves him (except the cat!!)

On the way home we stopped to show him to one of my friends who has a big newfie/lab mix and he barked and barked at him...brave little guy!!  The first week he slept with me (or kept me up!!) When I went back to work for the next 8 days he stayed down in my backroom and that's where he's slept ever since, doesn't whine, hasn't chewed on anything (not much anyway!!)
When he got big enough to get in and out of my car (Neon) he would put his front feet way in and pull his back feet in after (you could almost hear him telling himself...Just a little more!!...then he started bouncing in...and he doesn't stop bouncing!

We go on a 2 mile walk in the woods every day (have tripped skiiers, snowshoers, walkers, runners, me and even himself!!)  He's getting better about that...just loves attention!!

He would love to get his head out the back window but he's just not tall enough yet...he's about 50 mom says he's bigger every time she sees him which is about every other day!  He's still got his puppy chub on him...nice and cuddly!
I was sooo afraid I was going to compare him to Lokie, but he has his own personality that is impossible to love!!

Feel free to paraphrase me if you want to put some comments on your website...I'm not much of a writer!!  Here's some picks of him as he's grown up...his ears are standing straight up now(one of the things I wasn't sure was going to happen!!) And a pic of Lokie.

Thank you soooo much for having such nice dogs!!  Mindy


Hi Fred/Jennifer:

Just thought I'd drop a note about Brimstone...Took a couple of weeks and lots of one on one with him to overcome some of his shyness, but he is pretty comfortable with me (Donna) now.  I've had him skiing for a couple of weeks now.  I have had him out skiing with Sassy, and the last two days with Luna..He works well with both.  Took him yesterday alone, and he is a little timid; but I think with more and more he will become more comfortable.  With everyone else he is pretty shy, and that makes it difficult; but he sure loves to go.  Luna (the Sib. puppy in the picture) likes to always be a head length in front of him, and somewhat playfully grabs at his nose if he tries to go ahead of her....any ideas as to what to do about this.  
Thank you for your time, and sharing your great dogs with our family.
Donna and Dave Beaudo   


Dear Fred and Jennifer,

As a retiree and a senior citizen, I couldn't be more delighted with Sweetheart, my 4 year old female Alaskan Husky which I adopted from you.  After I had her spayed and micro-chipped the veterinarian remarked she's in tip-top shape.
I think Sweetie believes she's died and gone to Heaven.  After only a month, we sort of have a routine now.  She has the run of the house and the land ... when outside, as long as she's within earshot of me, she comes bounding up to me in answer to my calling "Sweetie."  If not within earshot, she's soon back to the house, laying in front of the garage or in it.
I love to see her run ... such grace.  And to get in the car ... it continues to amaze me to see her leap on the back seat from the garage floor from a standstill.  Real strong legs ... makes me envious. 
I 'halve' or 'quarter' treats and keep a baggie of them in a drawer in the computer desk. She knows she'll get a treat when she nudges me while I'm at the computer ... she's not pesty either about getting 'more.'
At first Sweetie was afraid of the garage door opening/shutting ... not any longer.  It only took a few days for her to realize what was happening.
A few times during Sweetie's first few days here, she experienced 'submissive peeing.'  After checking it out on the internet, I asked visitors to come in the house quietly and to ignore her until she approached them.  That worked ... no more peeing in the house. 
As two hen turkeys and their brood were strolling through the yard one day, Sweetie took flight after them.  As soon as I saw what was going on, I yelled "Sweetie, no."  And she immediately stopped and came back to the house ... no injured turkeys.
While reading the newspaper one afternoon, she was laying on the floor next to me when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her leap onto an upholstered chair.  I sharply and quietly said "No" and she jumped off, never to do that again.
A normal day has Sweetie and I walking to the road for the mail and the newspaper ... it's the only time she's leashed while we're home.  When we arrive at the end of the driveway, I drop the leash and tell her "Stay."  She sits down and stays there until I return from across the road when I pick up the leash and give her a small treat.
I don't know, Fred and Jennifer, if all your dogs are like Sweetie, but she's the smartest dog my family has ever had.


    Last year we adopted a puppy from you that we named Kelly.  He has been a joy to me and he loves our wooded land very much.
    He also loves all the cats in our cattery which right now is 11 but we will have perhaps as many as 24 more in the next month or so.
    Since he turned one year old on January 1st I thought you might like to see how he has grown.  The vet says he is exceptionally healthy and growing like a weed.  We expect that he will start adding fat and muscle sometime this spring when his bone growth slows down.
    By the way he can run fast enough to keep pace with my car at 30 mph and he is strong enough that he has pulled my 8000 lb boat into it's trailer this last fall.
    In short he is happy, healthy and to me he is a wonder. 
Thank You so very much for letting me adopt him
Jeanette  Zobjeck



Lucy has been a wonderful addition to our "family." She is a very smart and friendly pup. She absolutely loves to pull, at only 8 months we are already skijoring on many different trails and are having a ball. The energy and excitement she shows at just seeing the harness is proof to me that she loves her "job." I look forward to picking out a new pup from the 2006 litter to be a companion and team mate for Lucy.

Shannon and Bryon



Dear Fred,

 It has only been a short 10 days since we adopted Fireball, one of your retired trail dogs. Amazingly, he traveled to his new home 350 miles away in the car like he has done it all his life. Although he is shy by nature he has taken to all of us in the family like his pack in the woods. He is an incredibly smart and well behaved dog and is loving all of the individual attention that all of us give him. Although you said he did not have much exposure to water he has taken to swimming off the boat and out in the lake like a fish. He cant wait for the next walk, bike ride, swim or jog and easily can still wear us out even as an older dog. I have a new appreciation for your abilities to work with, condition and train these beautiful dogs. My wife has already taught him how to hug.  

We can't wait for the winter to arrive to get him out in front of a dog-sled we are buying and see how much more fun he can be. Even at 9 years old, he pulls like a freight train and loves nothing more than getting out on a lead. We also appreciate your help via email as we have had questions about things we forgot to ask when we were up to visit the forest and your unique kennel.
Hope all is well with the rest of the pack up there and we look forward to a trip up there in the winter to trail ride and watch some of the racing team go. Although this is the first dog we have adopted from you,

I can guarantee that it will not be the last.
Scott Rea and family, Fireball being the latest addition.


Dear Fred and Jennifer,

 I've had many highlights in my life of 77 years, yet having gone on a training run with you, Jennifer, in a golf cart with eleven Alaskan Huskies was certainly the highlight of 2007. 

Normally, I'm viewing the scenery while riding with anyone in any type of vehicle.  Not this time.  I am still fascinated with how well you managed your team and how well they responded to your commands in directing them "over hill and over dale," around corners, and running on flat land during the 14 miles we traveled through the forest.  The mutual love and respect demonstrated was amazing. 

 Then, Jennifer, in response to my compliment over your handling the dogs, you said "You have to watch Fred with his 14 dog team." 

 I got a small chance when you returned from your 21 mile training run, Fred.

 While you both provide water for them during the run, the first thing upon return is to water and feed the dogs.  The dogs again quietly drink and eat.  The next thing is to release the dogs from their harnesses and the line.  Fred, you don't need to hold onto any team member to return them to their houses ... they are loose singly or in pairs while releasing others. They stay in the immediate area, some 'marking' their spots, others simply returning to their house.  One, who you said likes to dance, stuck by you and you danced with him.  It was obvious, each one loved and respected you.

 I took my four year old Alaskan Husky with me to your kennel as I bought her from you last summer.  I wanted to see how she would react to being back ... no problems whatsoever. 

Fred, you told me in one of our first discussions that Sweetheart was an excellent lead dog on a team yet she preferred to lay on the couch in your house. That is true.  And it's true that she is a Sweetheart, although her name is now Sweetie.  I was losing some unneeded weight as I'd leash  and exercise her ... she is a puller.  Now, using the commands you taught me, she's loose while we walk.  Sweetie enjoys sniffing the area where the deer, turkeys, and any other wildlife could have been.  Sometimes she's behind me, sometimes she's in front of me, sometimes she's by my side ... always responding to my 'come.' 

 Having always had Golden or Labrador Retrievers or Samoyeds, this is my first experience with an Alaskan Husky.  It will not be my last.

You will see me again this winter as I now need to experience a two hour dogsled tour on the snow with a dogsled.

 In gratitude for a memorable time, Marie


Hey just finally getting around to letting you know how Sniper is

doing. The car rides of any length shes great on, she just sits down

and watches the blurry images until she decides to fall asleep. When we

got her home she was shy and didn't really know what to do, but after

that first week she started to open up. She is very loving to everyone

of any age, even when eight 10 year olds all run at her and pet her at

the same time. She is good to a lot of other dogs, but she is still

having some space issues with Mac a English Mastiff; Mac just didn't

start it off right by being a little too friendly and tried to play

with her from the minute she walked in the door. Sniper has been

adjusting and will roam the house even with Mac doing the same.

We took her to the vet at about a week and a few days in to owning her

and she loved the vet visit, all the dogs and cats she was very

excited. It also turns out that her nose condition is a part of a Zinc

deficiency, so if you have any others like her its probably something

of the same. We got three pills to give her a antibiotic for her

running nose and congestion, a pill to make her eat more and the Zinc

supplement. She takes the pills very easily with the use of soft dog

treats, so we will see if it helps; so far she has quieted down on the

SNORING and she hasn't sneezed so far. We were also surprised that

Sniper is very good about going to the bathroom in the house, it's like

she has lived in one before, She gets our attention and waits by the

door. Now she doesn't even need a leash to go outside and we don't have

to lead her, she just needs the door opened.

She started going into heat already but beside the little stink from

her shes not a problem at all. We love her as one of our own... thank


p.s. -she gets a lot of good comments on how good she looks and how

well behaved she is.

John Lakowicz & Carla DeVore


If interested please call me at 906-360-5480 / or e-mail me at


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